Financial Report

The Shepherds' Trust Financial Results

The 2016 Investment income includes interest, dividends and realized gains totaling $3.2 million and an unralized loss from a change in fair value of $2.6 million.

Investment Fund-Market Value


2016 expenditures totalled $3.05 million ($2.98 million in 2015) consisting of monthly allowances to beneficiaries, health care premiums and costs of extended health care for priests.

An actuarial study was completed as at July 1, 2015 and the net unfunded liability was $5.8 million.
As at December 31, 2015 the net unfunded liability was $1.9 million,

The next actuarial study will be completed as at July 1, 2018


A copy of the audited financial statements is available for review at the office of the Archdiocese of Toronto – Accounting & Finance Department, 1155 Yonge Street, Toronto.